About Daffoworth Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

Today there is continuous need of innovations and technologies to manage challenging healthcare conditions. Daffoworth is a new born baby in the corporate world with a dream to become the trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry. The famous quote from Thomas Edison: "there is a way to do it, better... find it" and hence, we Daffoworth is aimed at achieving its mission of curing ailing people with effective medicines and cares to help them overcome disease all around the world. We are a privately held pharmaceutical company committed to provide world class solution and medicines to improvise and grow pharmaceutical industry in India.

We at Daffoworth take immense pride in introducing all the products with innovation & technology. First to market products is our key growth driver. Our products are manufactured at world class advanced state-of-art facilities. Daffoworth for a start is catering to therapeutic field like Orthopedics, Medicine, Gyne, Dental, Paediatrics, etc with a wide range of specialized medicines which are effective in complete treatment of the related ailments. Our dedicated professionals are working day-in and day-out to bring in innovations with medicines for a better and effective result. We are careful about the affordability factor that is involved in this world and are taking care to meet them with all standards.

Chairman's Desk

“Daffoworth is the fusion of expertise from various industries including pharmaceutical and other industries’ FORTUNE 500 companies . Our endeavor is to amalgamate the best business practices to create an ideal Pharmaceutical company driven by its vision of services to healthcare industry.

Our management board comprises of distinguished professionals like Technocrats, doctors, MBAs From India, NRIs and Europe who collectively set the mission to a healthy growth of organisation. We are committed to bring excellence into the fields of Pharmaceutical Sales &Marketing, Human Capital development and to pioneer Drug Research Orientation.”